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Friday, June 08, 2007

What's Next for Paris

Is Paris Hilton being treated fairly? Most responses I've received believe Paris is being shown leniency. I think I'm going to have to disagree on this one. I've been scanning the internet for research on the state of California jails in general and it looks like the state has quite a bit of work on their hands. According to the California State Sheriffs' Association overcrowding in California jails is a huge problem. It's not uncommon, and almost seems normal, for someone with a sentence such as Paris has to be released early. Only serving a slight percentage of the time allotted. Why then was Paris Hilton not to be released early? Is she to suffer strict rules due to the fact that she's a celebrity with an enormous amount of publicity? Don't get me wrong, I think the entire system needs an overhaul. I do not believe Paris should suffer as a result of some Judge wanting to make a statement. Why did Michelle Rodriguez serve a slight amount of her sentence before being released?
Actress Michelle Rodriguez was released from jail early, after serving less than a day of a 60-day jail sentence, authorities said Tuesday.
Rodriguez was sentenced for violating probation terms after her drunken driving arrest in Hawaii. She was released Thursday from a Los Angeles County jail due to overcrowding, authorities said. [Source]

It's not like Paris is totally getting off here. She's served three days, which is more than Rodriquez served, and is now under house arrest for another forty. Sure, this is a cake walk compared to prison but is still quite an inconvenience for someone such as partygirl Paris.
Now we have to waste more time calling her back to court to debate whether or not it was right for the Sheriff's Department to release her in the first place. Well, if she wasn't under psychological distress before then surely she is now.
Ok, I'll move on...as you can tell I'm just slightly annoyed by all of this! What are your thoughts?

Well, the judge did specify in his ruling that her jail sentence couldn't be replaced by electronic surveilance at home. Perhaps this specification was made because of the ridiculous amount of time Rodriguez spent in jail for violating her probation. I'm sure the judge was particularly aware of the fact that celebrities are treated preferentially, so maybe that's why he made that stipulation.
Yes, the LA jails are overcrowded, as are most of the jails in this country, and I'm sure you don't want me to postulate on why I think that is so... ;) However, some citizens need to learn that there are consequences for their actions, and Paris Hilton is clearly one of those people. In fact, she was caught driving on a suspended license not once, but TWICE!!! My one-year-old understands that there are consequences for his actions better than Paris Hilton does.

By Blogger Loretta, at 1:20 PM  

well, first of all the sheriff did not list overcrowding as the reason he released her. secondly, the judge's order specifically said, "NO electronic monitoring, NO early release, and NO house arrest." Does the sheriff now have more authority than a judge? Apparently that is an argument that has been brewing for years in the legal system. There is a process to go through if you and your lawyer feel you should be let out of jail due to a medical reason-there is a hearing, and due to the overcrowding, hearings like that are usually given a lot of leniency. There is a process that WE have to abide by and ALL citizens should have to abide by it!

By Anonymous Chris-Robin, at 8:06 AM  

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